If you eat enough of Aunt Judy’s waffles…

Lyssa, the boys, and I rolled into Aunt Judy’s a little after 11:00 for a late breakfast. Jake had his usual waffle and Josh devoured a cheese omelet. It was a pretty standard meal for the most part, but Jake spotted something on his way out: himself. There’s a little notice on the wall urging people to leave TripAdvisor reviews, and they’ve got Jake’s picture! I took the photo back in June and uploaded it to Google Maps where it’s had over 5,000 views. Aunt Judy’s “waffle baby” is a little celebrity now!

… you go up on the wall!

We got to Puckaway around noon and unloaded the boys’ sleds from the back of the truck. I stacked the summer tires for Lyssa’s car in the pole barn while idling the green ATV to warm it up. Once it was ready, I looped one end of a tow strap over the hitch and the other end to Jake’s sled. He hopped in the sled and we were off. We toured the yard and even made the big marsh loop. The trails are frozen solid, so it’s a smooth ride. Lyssa and Josh met us on the trail and we all headed back in. The boys doubled up on the sled for a few driveway runs, but were starting to get cold and wet. I parked the ATV and packed up the sleds while Lyssa got the boys into some dry clothes. We were on the road around 1:45. Fun little day trip.