Quick supply run today. Took almost 90 minutes to get here from Oshkosh thanks to last night’s snowfall and everyone forgetting how to drive in winter conditions. Around 11:00, I made my way down the driveway through 6 inches of snow and backed up to the pole barn. I hooked up the ATV trailer and loaded it up with both ATVs and the plow. I’m going to have them both serviced at the dealer this winter, but I need the plow up and running today.

I filled the bed of my truck with Lyssa’s snow tires, the boys’ sleds, and our yard decorations. I also grabbed the propane heater out of the keep to use in the garage back home. Snow is still coming down at a decent pace. I stopped to take few pictures; I always love how this place looks after the first snow. Happy for new tires and four wheel drive, I headed home a little before noon.