Jake, Josh, Hannah and I pulled in with the pop-up camper in tow around 2:15. I was going to store it in Lynn and Carol’s pole barn, but Lynn is still in hospice and Carol just had a rummage sale so their building was full. After parking the pop-up behind our pole barn, the boys got out their Power Wheels and roamed the yard while Hannah chased them. I got the tires on the mower aired up and got to work taming the yard. We’re in for a lot of rain next week, so I wanted to get this done before the storms hit.

Much better.

The grass was taller than the cameras led me to believe. It’s really filling in nicely by my bird feeders and along the ruins of the wood shed. The trench lines are getting fainter, too. Once the boys’ batteries ran low, they decided to help me out by gathering fallen branches for the burnpit. This got cut short when poor Josh got stung by a hornet on his ankle. I checked him out and carried him into the keep where I set the boys up with a movie and got back to mowing.

Danny pulled in the yard a little after 5:00 and we talked for a half-hour. He asked me if I had noticed anything missing around here. Apparently, over the last few years, he’s had several hand tools walk off from his garage. Nothing big and nothing with serial numbers or his name on it. I told him I’d keep an extra close eye on the cameras and keep him posted.

I finished mowing by 7:00 and the boys were getting hungry. We packed up and were on our way home by 7:30 after taking a long ATV ride through the unseasonably dry marsh. Yard sure looks a lot nicer now.