Shop Vac – Jonathan Coulton

Puckaway tends to attract some uninvited guests. Particularly mice. Particularly mice that get in my trailer. Particularly mice that get in my trailer and wreck all my clothes and blankets. We’ve made some strides in keeping them at bay, though. This is mostly thanks to the miracle of expanding foam sealant and me blasting it into every crack and possible point of entry I can find. And then there’s vacuum bags.

They’re mostly known for turning this:


into this:


saving a ton of space and keeping everything smelling fresh (protip: shove a dryer sheet or two in the bag before you suck the life out of it). But they also deter critters and the sealed bags are very easy to store in plastic tote bins. The airtight seal combined with those extra impediments to rodent infestation keep things unsullied while we’re away. This is a simple, cheap, practical solution and that’s what makes it perfect for Puckaway. I’d recommend this to anyone with a cabin or hunting property who leaves clothes or linens behind when they’re away. Don’t wait for the “first year that we ever had a mouse problem up here,” just squish your stuff into a bag and call it a day.