Flying trip! Pulled in with Mom and Hannah at 5:15 pm. Mom wanted to get some more stuff out of the shack’s back bedroom before Puckaweekend and I had a bunch of supplies to bring up. She headed to the shack and I pulled up to the pole barn.

For the first time since I dropped it off this summer, I powered on the new pole barn fridge. I then proceeded to fill it with $200 worth of assorted craft beer, along with a six-pack of “Shitty Lyte Beer” which I can’t wait for Red to try, and 24 cans of PartyAid courtesy of Sean. I think having a beer fridge out here will serve us well at Puckaweekend.

Once I had all 884 ounces of beer chillin’, I headed to the keep. Here I unloaded a giant bottle of Bailey’s, a bottle of Kohler chocolate brandy, and the rest of Sean’s quartermastery: a 58-pack of Chewy granola bars, two packs of peanut butter Oreos, two packs of golden double-stuf Oreos, a huge bag of smoked almonds, a big bag of raspberry cluster granola, two bags of ranch Doritos, a variety pack of Pringles, a huge jar of peanut M&Ms, and a bag of whole-bean Morning Fog Lifter nootropic coffee. Our supply stores are looking damn fine.

I also hauled in all of the freshly laundered bedding that I brought home with me last trip. I made some room in the closet and got it all squared away. By the time I was done with all of this, Mom was ready for me in the shack. I pulled the truck around and loaded up the boxes she had just packed. The shack is ready for Puckaweekend now, deer camp next, and DESTRUCTION soon enough. Can’t wait. We locked up and left around 7:15.