Pulled in with Dad, Jake, Josh, and Hannah at 12:30. It had snowed last night but most of it already melted this morning. Temps were hovering just above freezing. We unloaded some of Dad’s stuff into the big trailer before moving to the pole barn and loading up the ATVs and a yard trailer with gear for the battlement.

This was the first time Dad got to see his new stand in person and he was effusive with appreciation. I gave him a hand stapling some camo netting to the outside of the plywood walls and he tried out his homebuilt risers for his collapsible chair. We also secured a tarp to the roof frame; using the metal roof panels will have to wait until next year.

Once the battlement was ready for deer season, Dad and Josh took the green ATV, Jake and I took the blue one, and we bombed around the marsh for a bit. We made it back to the yard and I took the chainsaw out of the back of my truck. I had brought it home after Puckaweekend to perform repairs and a tune-up. After a new muffler (this time with an extra retention bolt), spark plug, air filter, fuel filter, carb cleaning, and thorough chassis cleaning, this thing is running like new and starting consistently on the first or second pull again. I’m excited to do some more work with it.

I closed up the pole barn, I dropped off some clean laundry in the keep, and we were on our way out around 2:30.