The new blinds help keep the temperature down quite a bit.

Lyssa, Josh, and I came up around 12:30 in the truck, pulling Dad’s new aluminum trailer behind us. Jake’s up north at Presque Isle with my folks. Today, the trailer will finally get used for its main purpose: hauling ATVs. I was planning on taking the blue one home to figure out what’s wrong with the starter and figured I’d just bring them both back. This way, I can pressure wash them and make sure they’re both caught up on scheduled maintenance. Josh hopped on his Power Wheels four-wheeler and made some laps around the yard while I loaded the trailer.

I stopped in the keep to wash up and drop off some clean laundry and took a moment to appreciate the new blinds. They’re really helping to cut down on the heat; it’s almost 5° cooler inside than out. We left around 2:00, trying to beat the next storm front moving through. Hopefully, I’ll be able to figure out what’s ailing the blue ATV this weekend.