The extent of our wind damage.

Drove in around 3:00 pm to check on the place after the huge system of storms that blew through yesterday. The power was knocked out for about 20 hours and I wanted to make sure there wasn’t a disaster waiting for me in the freezer. Surprisingly, everything seemed fine aside from the big bag of ice being fused into one big block.

We’ve already had two fairly lengthy power outages up here this year. Both times, the Puckanet has run on battery backup for about three hours before gracefully shutting everything down. And both times, everything came back up and the Pi reconnected to the VPN like it was supposed to. I wish I had a better means of battery backup for this stuff. As small as the draw is for everything, a DC-to-DC converter would probably last it for a whole day or more. For now, I’m just glad that it can come back online without intervention.

I checked the camera feeds for signs of storm damage as soon as the power was restored this AM and didn’t see anything. Turns out we had some action just out of frame. A big section of the giant maple in the brick garden was blown off. I dragged it into the pit, which was eerily smooth from last night’s downpour. I walked the property but found no other signs of damage. The boys’ lean-to from last weekend was still standing. Lyssa taught them well.

Satisfied that I had no spoiled food, damaged appliances, or perforated buildings, I left around 4:00.

The pit looked pretty funky after getting washed out.