Happy New Year! Hannah and I pulled in at 2:30 for a quick supply run. We got around 6 inches of snow yesterday and I certainly don’t feel like clearing it all by hand. I backed up to the pole barn and hooked up to the ATV trailer, pulled it out of the barn, and rolled the mower from Mayville (which, by the way, finally sold last month!!!) off of it. I then fired up the blue ATV and drove it on, dragged the plow up behind it, and pulled Dad’s snowblower on as well.

Hannah kept busy tearing around the yard. This dog loves snow. I took a walk around the yard to take in the sights of the fresh fallen snow and noticed the large snapped tree by the cedars at the marsh entrance finally dropped off. This is good, since I was worried about how to fell it with a large hinge 20 feet up. Now there’s nothing left to drop but a bare trunk.

I opened the keep to drop off the linens I washed after deer camp and make sure everything looked good in there, whistled for the pooch, and we were on our way out around 3:30.