Janine and I embarked on our trip to Puckaway shortly after 7pm, excited to be leaving the farm for awhile. We decided to eat at Center House before setting up at the keep to ensure we wouldn’t miss the fish fry. Arriving, we both ordered the all-you-can-eat fish with salad bar with brandy old-fashioned sweets. The bar was rather quiet with only about 6 others there. Our food was quickly served and delicious it was! We made it to Puckaway around 9:40. I had difficulty finding the keys for the pole shed and the keep. Luckily, my better half helped locate them. Upon walking into the keep, we realized we forgot to bring bedding along and Jeff had taken most with him for winter storage. I remembered Jeff had a few storage totes in the closet. Sure enough, the keep provided just what we needed!


We fired up the portable quartz heater and settled in to watch movies. The temp inside was a brisk 45° and we laughed that we could see our breath. Cedar Rapids was our first movie choice followed by Date Night, which we fell asleep watching. Temp was around 52° when we crashed.



We awakened to the morning light in our sleepy eyes. It was 62° inside the keep when we woke. We stretched and were ready to fill our bellies with Aunt Judy’s good cooking in Princeton. We both ate a hardy breakfast followed by a Belgian waffle covered in strawberry sauce and topped with whipped cream.


With our bellies full we traveled back to our retreat. We then started cleaning up the keep. We burned our garbage and decided to take a walk around the property. We did not spot any deer but enjoyed the peace and quiet. We will be back soon to re-experience the Puckaway retreat.