Couldn’t Get It Right – Climax Blues Band

Well, the last post got a little emotional. Let’s level out and talk about this site and how it works.

I have a terrible habit when it comes to creative endeavors, especially digital ones: I rarely end up with a final product. It’s typical perfectionism. I don’t want something out there in the world unless I know it’s as good as I can make it. But historically, this has only led to me not having much out there in the world at all. I’m going to make strides to change that with this site. I’ll put content first and worry about organization and polish later. This is new for me.

Put simply, this is going to be a blog. I want to be able to tag and categorize posts, so I’ll check out some different platforms. Maybe start with WordPress or something. I’m writing this right now in Google Docs just so I can really commit to the new credo of, “Content first!” In the past, I’ve gotten overly revisionist about blog entries and that’s another thing I’m going to try to quit. When I pick a platform, this is going up verbatim. No changes. What’s the point of journaling a moment in time if you go back and change or delete things later? I’m going to stop rewriting history.

Let’s get back to the original point. The way I see it, there’ll be four types of posts:

Log Entries

I’m doing what I should have done years ago and starting to log my trips to Puckaway. These are pretty simple accounts of the activities of the day, weather conditions, people seen, and stuff like that. It’s an important tradition that’s being carried on with the new twist of adding trip pictures right to the log entries.


I want to give each improvement project its own place to shine and a way to view progress and before-and-after pictures. Expect some technical and logistics talk.


This kind of post is for thoughts that wouldn’t really fit into the log or project info. The flowery musings and whatnot. And I’ll set each post to music. 🙂 Hmm, does WordPress support emoji?

Log Archive

I’ve wanted to do this for years. I still haven’t figured out exactly how I’m going to execute it, but I want to start scanning the old log notebooks and transcribing them. Maybe it can start with select passages, but the goal is to eventually get everything scanned in.

I’m also going to break up the Picasa “Puckaway” gallery into smaller, more organized ones. This is another place where I hope tagging could come into play. My ideal setup would be to upload the picture, tag it with things like “Puckaway”, “Deck Project”, “May 2-5, 2015” and have it automatically inserted into any similarly tagged post.

Puckaway, as Garth Algar once said about Aurora, is “not just a place, but a state of mind.” This will probably end up being my project blog for anything else I build.

I’d also love it if other people would create posts. Richie wasn’t the only one to write in the log. It’d be very cool to have other voices on this site, too.

So that’s it. Welcome aboard and watch your step.