Pulled in with Lyssa and the boys around 11:30 am. I had Jake’s tractor in the back of the truck so we unloaded that right away, fired up the Power Wheels ATV, and the boys were making trails through the tall grass. Beautiful day today; upper 70s, clear sunny skies, and breezy.


The Quarrymaster.

I helped Lyssa haul our cooler and bags into the keep and noticed a noisy and very small bird chewing me out from up on the deck rail. I looked around but didn’t notice any kind of nest so I just shrugged it off. The temperatures might be low enough, but it’s still pretty humid, so I turned on the AC in the keep for the day to help dry it out in there. We enjoyed a quick lunch before I took on the big project for the day: the grass.

Yesterday, at my folks, the boys were taking turns riding with Grandpa on the lawn mower and they wanted to do the same thing here. Josh rode around the yard with me for maybe a whole minute before he decided it was just too noisy for him. He headed back to play with trucks in the pole barn and Jake joined me for cutting the driveway, which looks great now that the lawn and leaf trailer loads have really compacted in the low spots. It got me wondering how many more years it’ll be before I can trust him to cut up here by himself. That’ll certainly be a huge help. I’ll have to go through the logs to find out how old I was when my grandpa let me do it.

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