Motor Club


[Bold PW19 Predictions]

sean.ledell: we'll listen to more Ted Nugent at PW19 - specifically this song while :chooglin1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0c3d7QgZr7g&list=RDvPYFWnzjIy0&index=6

sean.ledell: I will buy a bottle of Woodford Reserve for Jeremiah at PW19

sean.ledell: PW19 will see the introduction of The TorchFork

jeff: We shall have BBQ ribs in the slow cooker.

jeff: We will carve up the large, downed tree where the truck box was and feed it to :fire: *THE PIT* :fire:

sean: droidarius will be the PW18-Jeremiah of PW19